World Smart Capital

The vision of the World Smart Capital concept is to identify and share successful urban innovations across cities worldwide while demonstrating how governments, industries, educational institutions and citizens are working individually and together to revitalize and invent their urban environment with help from urban Technologies, ICT and smart systems.

The World Smart Capital initiative wants to promote and encourage the use of technologies to further the economic and social development of the world’s cities. But they also help cities better position themselves, give them a better image and increased visibility, attract investors and creative people, improve their quality of life and set up public-private partnerships.

So some of their objectives are:

  • To increase awareness for and access to the modern sustainable solutions for cities both in the western world and the developing countries.
  • To educate city officials, managers and planners in urban development knowledge and to promote future governance structures of urban areas.
  • To help cities involve their citizens regarding urban development as part of a creative and practical collaboration.

World Smart Capital AmsterdamThe Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is the pilot city to develop the World Smart Capital concept for the years 2012 and 2013. They will do its utmost to execute the implementation of a two year long programme of projects and events to contribute to the development of the World Smart Capital concept. This is why they host the WSC Framing events and other various activities and events in Amsterdam.

The WSC International Summit and Convention is an international gathering that brings together hundreds of representatives of cities, universities, educational institutions, research institutions, corporations, local and regional government. It is held from Monday 25 June – Tuesday 26 June 2012 in ‘Pakhuis De Zwijger’ in Amsterdam and participation is invitation-only, based on the submission of an entry form.

More info on the World Smart Capital initiative and the WSC International Summit and Convention can be found on their website.

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