The ‘Internet of Things’ gets new digs

The “Internet of Things” has a new and improved switchboard.

Pachube — basically an API to connect and collect data from all kinds of devices, sensors, and environments worldwide – recently re-branded and re-launched itself as Cosm, with a new focus on collaboration and social elements.

Pachube’s founders first envisioned it as a “patch bay” to connect the Internet of Things, but say they’ve since expanded the vision to be less about “behind-the-scenes infrastructure.”

“The idea of the Internet of Things needing a piece of equipment has become less useful than the concept of it involving shared ‘workspaces’ and ‘environments’ (‘microcosms’ and ‘macrocosms’),” wrote Cosm’s Usman Haque in a recent blog.

Aside from the name change, which Haque repeatedly touts as much easier to pronounce than Pachube, Cosm’s improvements include a user console to monitor data feeds, more real-time data, commenting, and a more sophisticated system to manage into the thousands of devices.

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