Liverpool Community Health AGM

From the Connected Liverpool team, a quick message about the Liverpool Community Health (LCH) Annual General Meeting on 20 September 2012 at the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool.

After our meeting with Caroline Rand (Head of Planning, Information & Technology at Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust) a few weeks ago, we were kindly invited to their AGM. The AGM was a true success, with multiple speakers from the different institutions and organisations that take care of our health/care needs within our Liverpool Community. Some of the speakers such as Bernie Cuthel (Chief Executive for Liverpool Community Health), Gary Andrews (Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Finance for Liverpool Community Health) and Michelle Porteus (Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development for Liverpool Community Health) provided the audience with a clear overview of the LCH last year’s performance. A very interesting fact for us being mobile technology geeks is that Gary Andrews shared the LCH’s intentions to invest more in mobile technology in the upcoming year. Mobile technology is perceived as THE mean to create more interaction with patients providing them with real-time access to clinical information. This will deliver a direct solution to the lack of stakeholder engagement and will inform citizens about such services as the ‘walk-in’ centres which are largely unknown.

Specialist School Nurses raised the importance of support parenting groups and the anxiety, anger, low self-esteem and behavioural issues that children in Liverpool often encounter. Supporting families and stimulating them to access LCH’s services is therefore vital. ‘Emotional health’ was considered to be key in young people’s achievements in life. Additionally, inspiring initiatives such as the Virtual Ward and the Single Point of Contact were highlighted in detail.

The Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust’s objectives are to “promote public health to staff and patients” and to be “employer of choice” together with its focus to allow longer and healthier lives and to grow the organisation. All together, a very interesting AGM with lots of interesting speakers and even some amusement provided by several comedians. According to us, it was a success!!!