ESSA Academy Bolton

The ESSA Academy in Bolton created a whole new learning experience for its students and teachers. In addition to a brand new building, the academy states to be a leader in the development of learning technologies.

In order to stimulate creativity and student performance, the academy equipped its students and staff members with iPads, iPods, iMacs, Macbook Pro’s, Macbook Air’s, AppleTV and iPhones. Student’s personal iPad allow them to make notes during lectures, email teachers instantly, search for definitions on the Web, open e-books, and share their notes or drawings with the main screen in the classroom.

By adopting this technology, the academy created an exciting, entertaining, and high performing environment for its students and teachers. Parents can call the teachers on their iPads allowing the teachers to decide whether to take the call or to call back later.

Outside of the classroom, students can film and share each others physical performance during training sessions and can get on a stage and interact with visual objects as e.g. a DNA molecule.

According to ESSA, its agreement with Apple allows the use of 21st Century learning resources and streamlined productivity in a educational setting.