BSc Internet of Things Engineering

In our search to the latest Internet of Things innovations, we came across the Queen Mary University of London that offers an interesting degree in this exciting space, it offers the      “BSc Internet of Things Engineering’.

As the university describes it: “IoT is a mix of telecommunications engineering and computing, encompassing wireless communications, sensors, IPv6 and the computing technologies necessary to run applications over the underlying physical infrastructure.”

Consequently, this new bachelor programme aims to provide students with:

  • A thorough knowledge of telecommunications and computer science
  • An understanding of network design and network planning principles for IoT
  • A knowledge of theory, methodology and techniques for IoT network assessment and evaluation
  • A good overall understanding of computer and telecoms network development skills.

Throughout the bachelor, students will have to consider such courses as Advanced Mathematics, Computer Fundamentals and Programming, Data Structures, Digital Circuit Design, Middleware, Cloud Computing, Digital Signal Processing, RFID and Sensor networks, Microprocessor Systems Design, and Security and Authentication. An exciting programme that prepares its students for this quickly expanding space.

In terms of teaching, it must be stated that the student workload and the number of contact hours are higher than is usual for a UK degree. From year 2-4, students will run through 24 modules that each consist of 40 hours of lectures, plus four hours of tutorials, delivered across 4 one-week blocks. In other words, it’s like a full-time job and not for the lazy ones.

It is expected however, in terms of career opportunities, that the graduates will have diverse employment opportunities in the field of communications, systems and networks. At the moment, there are no graduates yet as it is a new programme. However, a high percentage of graduates from its two other joint programmes (85 per cent in 2011) go on to postgraduate study in prestigious universities in China, the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia. Others graduates have found work at leading companies in the ICT industry, such as China Mobile, China Telecom, IBM, 3Com, as well as consulting, finance and insurance companies. In other words, a degree from the Queen Mary University of London seems to open up doors.

Because of the international nature of the telecommunications industry and the size and influence of China it is likely that there will be a Chinese presence within any company that the Internet of Things graduates work for. The Queen Mary “flying professors” even travel to Beijing to give lectures face-to-face in between teaching blocks, proving the high demand of Internet of Things interest in China.

All together, an interesting degree that suits the current trend of connecting objects to the web to make our environment smarter. In terms of entry levels, the course is open to students under 25 years old, who have completed high school in their home country and achieved grades equivalent to AAB at A-level. The international student fee for this academic year (2012/13) is £7,000.

Might be something to consider?