Android Bus Demo

Transport and the Internet of Things, a very common combination as companies all over the world are inventing technology to make transport systems smarter and easier to use. After our blogs on Libelium – the Spin Off company from the University of Zaragoza, which is very much into Internet of Things innovations – and Michigan’s pilot of connecting vehicles to enhance road safety by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT), we now like to share a video about the Digi Embedded Development Kit for Android.

This technology is created for the public transport system and provides bus operators with a screen that shows his/her position in route, the total number of bus stops, his/her ticket sales, a camera interface and the ability to change the music channel. Additionally, it provides a passenger display showing its position and the next bus stops to approach like we know from our tube systems. The technology also runs on smartphones showing citizens the bus’s position in real-time. In short, it has some interesting features around the concept of enhanced transport systems.

Have a look and enjoy…