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Three ways of how Big Data is being used today

Christine Twiford, Manager Network Technology Solutions T-Mobile, explained the three ways of how Big Data is being used at the moment. Big Data, THE buzzword and main topic of conversation in the technology and SME world, is being explored more and more.

According to Christine, Big Data is currently being used for:

  • Discovery
  • Decision-making
  • Persuasion

Regarding the ‘discovery’ aspect, she mentioned that Big Data is used to test data sets and to find ways to define and better understand them. This makes it understandable but also shareable and usable for corporations and individuals because Big Data is analyzed in such a way that it actually starts to make sense.

Secondly, Big Data is being used in decision-making. As soon as data sets are defined and narrowed down to understand the value of them, hypothesises can be created which can then be tested. Through this, real-life scenarios are developed and the influence of big data on citizens (or customers) can be measured.

Finally, after Big Data has been discovered (understanded) and has been used to test hypothesis and pilots, the outcomes can be used for persuasion. The outcomes of the use of big data can be visualised to share findings and push change and innovation.

Christine emphasises the importance of opening up both corporate and government data to drive the economy. In collaboration with academic researchers, government institutions and NGOs, great innovations can be realised. A close collaboration is necessary as “researchers need corporation’s data to do their research and corporations need the academic methods to do their research effectively”. Consequently, a true win-win situation will be realised.



Technology Strategy Board Think Tank in Liverpool


Connected Liverpool hosted its second Think Tank for the Future Cities Catapult in Liverpool yesterday. The Think Tank “The Big Data Workshop” was hosted in Liverpool Science Park where excellent meeting facilities, food, and drinks were provided by Open Labs, an organisation supporting local creative technology companies to develop new products and services that capitalise upon global opportunities.

The Think Tank was chaired by Nigel Rix and Richard Foggie from the TSB who opened the workshop with a short speech regarding the progress of the Future Cities Business Plan and the necessity of such workshops/ brainstorm sessions to create innovative ideas that will directly feed into the TSB. This time, the focus was on “Big Data”. Big Data, an increasingly popular topic in society, forms the foundation of innovation. The TSB wants to explore the opportunities within this space to drive innovation and benefit citizens. Therefore, Connected Liverpool organised this workshop to come up with new and creative ways of using data and deriving value from it to drive the economy and enhance citizen’s quality of life.

According to Richard Foggie, “90% of all data was created in the past 2 years. By 2035, we will have the means to create 100% of data instantly.” The challenge however, is to understand and use this data in a way that it could actually create value. This Big Data Workshop was focused on just this. Because of its success, Connected Liverpool plans to organise similar events for the TSB in the future.