New class of car devices under development


A new class of devices are being developed that capture your car’s computer sensor data using your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port (OBD II is available on cars built from 1996 onwards) and add another layer of additional features on top like cellular and Bluetooth connections, GPS, and a range of sensors.

The devices use this gathered information and turn it into a resource to help you easily troubleshoot a check-engine light, adjust your insurance rate based on how/when you actually drive, and create added safety features through tracking and emergency response services.

Here are a few of the products:

Automatic is a Smart Driving Assistant that can save you money on gas, remember where you parked, and even call for help in a crash.

Plug in a Carvoyant device underneath your car’s dashboard. Instantly your car will begin wirelessly sending data to to the cloud where you can monitor its mechanical status or see where and how fast your teen is driving in realtime.

Dash connects your car to your phone enabling smarter everyday driving and helping to make the roads safer.

Delphi gives your vehicle a voice so you know more about its health, location and past trips with the Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi. You can stay connected to your ride 24/7 through Verizon’s data network-and get helpful information about your vehicle’s operation.

Cloud your car
Cloud Your Car is a tool providing information about your employees driving behaviour. You will know the exact amount of working hours spent in a car and detailed vehicle usage. You will be notified about the most dangerous situations on the road like unexpected stops and private trips.